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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Center of Excellence

The “Pan-Afrikan Global Commission Against Hunger,” has a Pan-Afrikan global function and purpose; serving the needs of the domestic New Afrikan (i.e. Afrikan-American) community, as well as serving the needs of the entire Black Diaspora. The so-called developed world – European countries including Amerikkka and Canada – through their methods and systems of Kolonialism/Neo-Kolonialism, have precipitated and politically exploited Black communities. Thus Shakur asserts that starvation and hunger are preventable social diseases. The commission’s proposal is not a medium toward identifying blame, but rather, a means to take responsibility in combating and eradicating hunger and starvation among Black communities of people, not only in the United States, but the entire Black Diaspora. Political prisoner Abdul Olugbala Shakur consistently serves the New Afrikan community and has been at the forefront in combating gang violence and other criminality in the Black community. His tireless commitment to improving the daily lives of those in society can be seen through the broad body of work he has developed and contributed to creating. Shakur has accomplished this while being incarcerated for close to 40 years, with almost 33 years in solitary confinement. click this link or picture to purchase book or e-book

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