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Operation Hip-Hop E-book

Operation Hip-Hop E-book

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   Our goal is to transform the Black Street Organization (i.e. Gang) and eliminate the negative aspects of the street organizations, our goal and programs are designed to achieve this desired effect. The key to an effective program(s), it must first attract the Gang members attention in a positive way, if not, your effort will prove fruitless. The cornerstone of Operation Hip-Hop Rescue (OHHR) is directly based on the positive inclinations of New Afrikan (i.e. aka Afrikan-Amerikkkan) street organizations, and that is their collective love and appreciation for Rap/and the hip-hop culture.

When many of our people reviewed the original draft of this proposal, their criticism was: we as a People did not have the financial/material resources to invest in such a vast Plan of Action (POA). For me, this criticism REPRESENTED A VERY SAD, IF NOT PATHETIC commentary on our inability to relinquish the slave-mentality, which is to serve and enrich others while simultaneous1y “Killing Ourselves!” We can invest millions, if not Billions of dollars (i.e. money, for the most part we don’t have) in fake hair/weaves, fake nails, fake breasts, cosmetic surgery. jewelry, clothes, shoes, tennis shoes, cars, marijuana, alcohol, strip-clubs, pornography, but we don’t have the funds to invest in saving our children, community and/or future generations?

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