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Concrete Scholars: Selected Writings Volume I Paperback

One of the most censored imprisoned activists in the country, author Abdul Olugbala Shakur was continuously given Rules Violation reports as a direct result of his writings/articles/proposals and/or political activities. These reports directly contributed towards retaining Shakur in solitary confinement for 32½ years; the retaliatory rules violation reports between 1990 and 2014 allowed the administration to add 30, 60, or 90 days to his sentence. Brother Shakur was persecuted for his endeavor to encourage Black Prisoners to relinquish their criminal/gangster mentality and assist their communities in creating a better world for them to live in. Concrete Scholars is a volume series of articles, essays, and proposed solution s written by Shakur and Jinsai. While their keepers did everything in their collective power to silence them and deny society even a brief glimpse of their humanity, through the Concrete Scholars series, they are allowing their Humanity to speak to their audience, with the intention of creating a better life than that which they now live. Concrete Scholars are the New Afrikan Imprisoned Activists; those who have harnessed their time in Solitary Confinement and are using it as the catalyst toward discovering their true selves. Their words and deeds are a direct manifestation of their discovery; they are no longer, “Who we thought we were. We are now who we know we are; a taste of humanity’s rage.”

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